A New Approach to Unit and Integration Testing in SSIS

Reeves Smith
60 minutes
BI Platform Architecture, Development & Administration
Testing is a critical part of the release process and vital to a high-quality data management lifecycle. Unfortunately, Integration Services (SSIS) does not have built-in support for testing and the tools for relational database testing are limited. As a result, most organizations forgo automated testing and focus entirely on manual user testing, which is both expensive and often occurs too late in the process to address all of the issues discovered. In this session, a new approach to unit testing (focusing on verifying the correctness of individual packages, tasks, or dataflows) and integration testing (focusing on validating that the data produced by an entire sequence of transformations) will be discussed. This development pattern uses metadata authored by analysts to automatically generate testing logic within the corresponding packages or to automatically generate standalone test packages that contain all of the necessary validation logic.

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