Visualizing streaming data in real time

60 minutes
BI Information Delivery
We're all familiar with reports or dashboards that show you a static snapshot of the data that has to be refreshed on an interval. And those are very important visualizations. But sometimes you just have to have a real time view of your data streams and snapshots aren't enough. What if you could monitor multiple servers with SQL Trace or Extended Events or had some other source of streaming data and be able to see it all happening live on a central monitoring website? This is a scenario we'll take a detailed look at and build a system for such monitoring. We'll do this by using Extended Events .Net provider to get the live data stream, SignalR to get the live stream from the server to the website and the D3 javaScript library for actual real time visualizations on any device. After seeing all this in action, you'll definitely get a few ideas on where you could use this in your company.

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