Setting up your BI Infrastructure

Paresh Motiwala
60 minutes
BI Platform Architecture, Development & Administration
We know BI in bits and pieces. But imagine if you had to setup the BI infrastructure from scratch. We will discuss 1. Selection of technology(Hardware/Software/Technology) 2. Selection of team(IT/Business/Adm 3. Maintenance (HA/DR) 4. Security 5. Best practices 6. Copy Data sprawl and how to overcome it. 7. Getting a management buy-in. We can discuss whether to outsource this project or rise above our DBA job and do it ourselves. Last but not the least: one of the things that plagues most leaders/Project Managers is the Scope Creep. When you are setting up a complex infrastructure like your own BI infrastructure, Scope Creep is easy and we will also discuss how easy it is to mess up the project because we could not control the Scope Creep.

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