Practical use of CTEs, Ranking Functions, MERGE statement, OUTPUT clause and other latest features i

Alex Grinberg
60 minutes
SQL Development
Not so long time ago SQL Server development was enriched with new T-SQL features, such as CTE (common table extension), array of Ranking functions (ROW_NUMBER, RANK, DENSE_RANK, TILE), MERGE statement, OUTPUT clause, EXCEPT, INTERSECT to name a few. For different reasons some DBA/Developers do not utilize those. In this session I demonstrate different practical use cases where these features could make T-SQL coding more efficient. This 100% code-based demo session highlights efficiency to utilize latest T-SQL function over conventional method with the same functionality. I'll cover in deeps live scenarios where those features won performance efficiency, code readability and other advantages to use them within the stored procedures, functions, triggers and views.
Projector, audio (mic)

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