Biml Recipes: Automatically create T-SQL Scripts for Common Tasks

Scott Currie
60 minutes
You've probably heard a lot about Biml for SSIS automation, but did you know it can also be used for building complex, yet reusable T-SQL statements for common database tasks – in most cases much faster and more easily than you could with dynamic T-SQL. This will be a scenario driven session where we discuss many real world examples of manual tasks that can be automated with Biml snippets and the free BIDS Helper AddIn to BIDS/SSDT. You will receive all code for your own use. Scenarios include: 1) Generation of T-SQL merge statements that removes all the drudgery of manually mapping columns - including complex SCD column handling. 2) Stale data detection that uses Biml to create queries that display ranges for all date/time columns in each table of a target database - perfect for retiring tables from WorkDB and other ad hoc environments. 3) Sample data creation that automatically produces test data based on DDL schema information from your data model. 4) And much more

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