Context & Calculation, Back to the Basics with DAX

Austin Senseman
60 minutes
Advanced Analysis Techniques
The learning curve for DAX isn't a straight line - it starts off gradual and quickly gets steep. With a syntax similar to Excel, DAX seems easy enough for an Excel power user but things quickly get confusing without a good foundation in the basics of DAX. Those basics - context and calculation - are the topic for this session. This session is for the intermediate DAX user who has produced some quality data models and DAX calculations but who is still having difficulties with functions around filtering, time intelligence, and complex calculations. We'll go through a number of practical examples that show that DAX at a fundamental level is a combination of creating filter and row CONTEXTS and then using those contexts to produce CALCULATIONS. Understanding this concept is a must to produce more complex code in DAX and it's also a very useful framework for someone just getting started.

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