Still running SQL 2005? Thinking about upgrading to SQL 2014?

Niall MacLeod
90 minutes
Advanced Analysis Techniques
Learn about Microsoft’s SQL Data Warehouse Fast Track solutions. Microsoft’s Data Warehouse Fast Track program offers: · Faster deployment and tamed complexity with pre-configured, partner-led solutions · Flexibility and choice of the latest generation of hardware from top vendors in the industry · Out-of-the-box offerings with reduced risk and greater confidence With support for SQL Server 2005 ending in April 2016, now is the time to upgrade to SQL Server 2014. With Flash architectures now being considered mainstream, now is also an opportunity to optimise your data platform infrastructure. This presentation discusses the process undertaken to achieve a certification, whilst focusing on a cost effective (single socket), scalable 7 TB SMP Data Warehouse solution (Lenovo x360M5 and SanDisk SSD) which achieves an efficient out-of-box balance between SQL Server data processing capability and hardware resources.

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