SQL Injections and How to Stop Them

Jeff Prom
60 minutes
Strategy and Architecture
Right now, there are hackers all around the world trying to get into your web applications. How safe are you? By using a technique called SQL injections, hackers can wreak havoc with web applications by compromising security, manipulating data, hoarding system resources, retrieving sensitive information, and manipulate data database objects such as dropping databases! During the demo, we will take on a couple of different roles. As a hacker we will walk through steps a hacker might take to compromise a web application in order to retrieve sensitive data such as credit card information, usernames, passwords, and social security numbers. Assuming the role of a developer, we will then show various prevention techniques and their effectiveness in preventing SQL injections. Attend this session to learn how SQL injections work, identify if you are being attacked, and how to stop them.

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