SQL Phone Home: Teaching Your SQL Servers to Call for Help

Mike Hillwig
60 minutes
Enterprise Database Administration & Deployment
Did your backup fail? Was that a deadlock? Did that server just reboot? These are common questions that DBAs are constantly being asked, and DBAs should be asking them of their servers. DBAs need to regularly monitor their servers for a regular health check, and many scripts just become email noise. It's like the kid in the back seat constantly asking "Are we there yet?" In this session, Microsoft MVP Mike Hillwig will teach you his signature "See Something, Say Something" method. You'll learn how to use the SQL Agent to turn your daily monitoring checklist into actionable alerts. By leveraging the SQL Agent severity alerts and some basic scripting techniques, you'll stop mindlessly going down a checklist and instead have your servers notify you when there is a problem.
Basic understanding of T-SQL

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