Incrementally Moving to the Cloud Using Biml

Scott Currie
60 minutes
BI Platform Architecture, Development & Administration
Many organizations are interested in the cost savings, ease of maintenance, and other benefits of hosting data solutions on Microsoft Azure. For most, moving to the cloud is easier said than done, especially when they have a large existing solution that is being actively used by stakeholders. In this session, we will examine various strategies for incrementally moving your solution to the cloud. This will include strategies that incorporate the use of: 1) New value-added features and services, such as machine learning and big data 2) Hybrid approaches where portions of your existing solutions can be moved to the cloud without requiring everything to be moved 3) Failover and surge approaches that enable the cloud to supplement on premises resources 4) and much more Business Intelligence Markup Language (Biml) will be central to our approach, enabling the rapid movement of assets back and forth between on premises and cloud hosting. All code will be shared with attendees.
200 level or higher in Azure data solutions 300 level or higher in SSIS

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