Mobile BI with Microsoft tools

60 minutes
BI Information Delivery
In SQL Server 2016 (currently availabe as a preview) Microsoft added support for mobile reports to Reporting Services. They also released the Mobile Report Publisher for authoring and creation of mobile reports. This application is based on Datazen technology, a company that Microsoft acquired in 2015. As Microsoft stated, using only one mobile BI app users will access dashboards and reports on mobile devices. Now developers must choose a tool for developing BI optimized for mobile devices: SSRS, Mobile Report Publisher (former Datazen) or Power BI? The question is: which one to choose? What are the key factor for supporting the correct decision? We will provide a clear and understandable overview of each product, highlighting strengths and weaknesses. Based on some real examples we will set out a comparison matrix to find the best way to meet your needs with the right mobile reporting tool.

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