Data Science on Premise with Microsoft SQL Server 2016 and R-Services

60 minutes
Analytics and Visualization
R is coming to SQL Server. SQL Server 2016 includes new real-time analytics, automatic data encryption, and the ability to run R within the database itself. For deeper insights into data, SQL Server 2016 expands its scope beyond transaction processing, data warehousing and business intelligence to deliver advanced analytics as an additional workload in SQL Server with proven technology from Revolution Analytics. Microsoft SQL Server team want to make advanced analytics more accessible and also to increase performance for your advanced analytic workloads by bringing R processing closer to the data and building advanced analytic capabilities right into SQL Server. With this update, data scientists will no longer need to extract data from SQL server via ODBC to analyze it with R. Instead, you will be able to take your R code to the data, where is will be run inside a sandbox process within SQL Server itself. This eliminates the time and storage required to move the data, and gives you al

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