Lightning Talks By Hugo Kornelis, John Martin and Jens Vestergaard

Kenneth Nielsen
60 minutes
Lightning Talk
Managing Execution Plans - By Hugo Kornelis An execution plan is in many ways similar to an organisation. And the operators are like the employees, trying hard (and sometimes even succeeeding) to work together effectively. Managing people, or execution plans, is easier if you know their idiosyncrasies. In this lightning talk, I will highlight a few of my favorite empl... eehrmm, operators; and tell you what you need to know in order to manage them effectively. Do you Trust Me? - By John Martin Let me show you why you really ought not to trust those databases and what you can do if you need to. BI Bullocks Bingo - By Jens Vestergaard "This session will be hosted around a Quiz, where everyone attending will be able to participate, learn and most importantly have fun while doing so. The Categories of the Quiz are: Analysis Services Data Warehousing SQL Server RDBMS Integration Services The session is intended to highlight misconceptions surrounding typical Business In

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