Unlock the Power of Pivot Tables

Speaker: Sander van der hoeff

Duration: 60 minutes

Track: BI Information Delivery

Your tabular model is done, approved and ready to be used by the user. 
By means of using Excel the user gets very excited about the use of tabular Models. For a while the user uses Excel as a self-service business intelligence tool. Then all of a sudden the user starts asking if they can use the program to extract more and other information from the tabular model by the use of Excel. Now it is up to you to familiarize the user with all the possibilities of working with the tabular model by means of Excel.

Given the small amount of documented knowledge about the use of tabular models by means of Excel, I will show you how to get the best of your tabular models by using Excel as a self-service business intelligence and data science tool. 
Filters, named sets, and calculations in the pivot table: I will explain it all!

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