Hadoop's Architecture it's relation to Microsoft Data Platform

Niko Neugebauer
60 minutes
Strategy and Architecture
Hadoop is the most widely talked data platform in the recent years. Hiding under the term "Big Data", one of the most disruptive data technology has arrived to the mass market in the recent years, allowing everyone to setup a data solution for everyone. The initial releases of Hadoop have had huge deficiencies in the terms of work, performance and organisation, but the Hadoop 2.0 has brought the needed changes in the underlying architecture and its steadily becoming more and more interesting as a multi-purpose data platform. Let us review what Hadoop, Spark, Hive, Pig, Tez, Ambari and others are and how can we get started with this data platform. Let us connect each of the pieces with the corresponding element in the current Microsoft Data Platform offerings to understand how can we be more effective in learning and understanding Hadoop.

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