Fun with SQL Server 2016 Stretch Database, Temporal, and Always Encrypted

Scott Klein
60 minutes
Application & Database Development
Your cold data growth is getting out of control, storage consumption is increasing faster than your budget, your end-users won't (or can't) tell you what can delete or truncate, but they demand their cold or archived data always be online and available. Now you have tables so big that you dread re-indexing, and you have to look for ever more creative solutions to manage this data, while still remaining compliant. There’s a solution that lets you take advantage of the Cloud, on your terms, all without impacting your existing end-user applications or queries. Come find out how you can move your data securely and transparently, free up disc space and reduce your enterprise storage consumption, while retaining full control from the on-premises SQL Server. You’ll reduce maintenance operations time and resources, plus lower overall cost. Learn how SQL Server Stretch database will simplify your journey to the Cloud!

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