An introduction to Data Mining with SQL Server 2016

Steve Simon
60 minutes
BI Information Delivery
With the vast amount of changes that occur in our daily business environments, it becomes more and more difficult to achieve our corporate goals without some ‘lighthouse’ to guide our way. Data mining, (while not a panacea to resolve or ‘control’ the effects of these changes), can provide us with statistical trends by analyzing our data and highlighting probable outcomes. In this hands on BEGINNERS presentation we shall be looking at Microsoft SQL Server’s Data Mining capabilities and we shall be discussing: 1) Defining what questions we want answered and how to go about this in an effective and efficient manner. 2) Creating the data model. 3) How to gather the necessary data, discussing the training and testing aspect. 4) Processing the model. 5) Extracting information from our finished model, discussing the implications of this information.

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