Accelerating DevOps Using Data Virtualization

Todd Blatti
60 minutes
SQL Server
DevOps is the melding of application development, testing, and IT operations. All tasks from infrastructure to coding to testing to transition into production must be automated so that new features and fixes can be continuously delivered. Constraining DevOps is data. Databases and applications have grown enormous and complex. "Storage is cheap" is a lie. Provisioning a full environment for each developer or tester on each task of each project appears unrealistic, when each might require several terabytes of storage. And so everyone is limited to working in a small handful of shared environments that are refreshed only every few months, and code quality suffers. Data virtualization is the solution. Virtual databases and file-systems only consume space from deltas, so it is possible to provision multiple terabytes for megabytes. Coders and testers have full environments fast in which to develop and test, improving code quality. Learn about the technical details behind this solutio

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