Introducing the R Language to the Data Professional

Ginger Grant
60 minutes
Business Intelligence
Interest in the R language is has grown along with the amount of data being accumulated. As Microsoft is now incorporating the R language into SQL Server 2016, the language is going to be a required skill for all data professionals in the near future. The demand for R skills is high as it routinely makes the list of the most in-demand languages to learn. In this class users will get hands on instruction in Microsoft R Open. Students will learn how to create a simple program with graphical output, incorporate R in stored procedures within SQL Server 2016, and how to call an R program within Azure ML. Session Agenda • History and Introduction to the R Language. • Walk through of Microsoft R Open • Class Exercise of writing Hello World in R • When and How to uses R Language Libraries • Class Exercise of R code with Graphical Output • Common uses and best fit for R programs • Develop R program for Data Integration. • Integration of R code into SQL Server 2016 • Adding R to

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