It's Elastic! Boogie Woogie Woogie!

60 minutes
Cloud Application Development & Deployment
Azure SQL Database provides fantastic scalability and flexibility for your data tier. You can scale it up with ease when you need more power and scale it down again when load returns to normal. With the pay as you go model, you pay for each database based on performance characteristics. But when you have a scaled out architecture of hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of databases, how can you keep costs from spiraling out of control? How can you query across all of those databases? How can you MANAGE so many databases? How can you write your application to make the right decisions about where to put which data? This session will introduce you to four key pieces of this overall story: Elastic Database Pools, Elastic Query, Elastic Database Jobs, and the Elastic Database Tools .Net library. With these tools, you take your Azure SQL Database data tier to the next level of scale and manageability.

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