Getting Started Making Technical Videos

Doug Lane
60 minutes
Professional Development
You've got knowledge to share. Maybe you like the idea of blogging or presenting, but what really gets your heart pounding is making videos. How do you get your big ideas to the big screen? Making technical videos doesn't have to be hard; you just have to focus on the right details. Topics we'll cover include: The essential steps of planning, shooting, editing, and publishing your video; the best video-making gear to buy for any budget, and how to get the most out of that gear; how to make your video stand out from the rest on platforms like YouTube and Vimeo; how videos have a unique way of connecting you and your material to your audience. You'll hear my insider tips and lessons I've learned from years of creating technical training videos. You'll learn mistakes that even experienced video creators make, and how to avoid them. We'll also tear down the myths and misconceptions that are holding you back from getting started.
An interest in video production.

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