"Job Searches, Resumes, LinkedIn and Interviews are Fun" -said No One Ever

Todd Davis
60 minutes
Professional Development
Find out what hiring managers really want to see throughout the hiring process. This session will walk through the basics that every successful candidate should know from soup to nuts: LinkedIn Profile Best Practices, Resume tips, Job search and Interview tips. Yes, of course recruiters, hiring managers and even technical screeners view your LinkedIn page; but, did you realize they also view your twitter account, your blog, your Facebook and that webpage you designed freshman year in college? If you are in a job search, considering one or there is a chance you could ever end up in one (that's all of you, unless you are retiring today or independently wealthy and just have nothing better to do on Saturdays) then this session will be a great opportunity to find out what "they" are really looking for and acquire a complete guide on how to land that dream job quickly.

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