Analysis Service Cube versus Tabular: Test Drive Both in 2 hours!

Thomas LeBlanc
90 minutes
BI Platform Architecture, Development & Administration
The answer to the riddle of what type of Analysis Services database to use is "It Depends." What? There is some weight on using Cubes vs. Tabular in a production environment. But, there is no reason why you should not investigate the differences. We will look at the last couple releases to validate what the future holds for Analysis Services. All versions still rely on a Dimensional Model for best results, even if you want to just use Power BI or Power Pivot. An enterprise system definitely needs a well-tested system. You want to look into the business' future while making a decision. We will make this analysis together by going through the design and deployment of all types. We will start with a dimensional model for the connection and selection of dimension and fact tables. The dimension hierarchies and attributes are reviewed side-by-side. Measures are created to dive into MDX & DAX. And finally, we will look at administrative functions available. Oh yeah, some reporting!!!
Dimensional Modeling Reporting Tools T-SQL

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