Mobile, Paginated, KPIs, and Power BI, Oh My! SSRS 2016 Reporting

Steve Wake
BI Information Delivery
SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) 2016 is getting the biggest update since SQL Server 2005! This session will define and demo each of the SSRS report types are and how they are developed and supported: Mobile (previously DataZen reports), Paginated (SSRS RDL reports), KPIs (new standalone Key Performance Indicators), and Power BI (now Power BI can be managed in SSRS for an on-premises solution). All of these report types can now be managed in SSRS for a single reporting solution. We will also look at the new SSRS Web Portal (replacement for Report Manager) and how the development environment will change as well. Sometime will also be spent on how to support all of these report types and the impact it will have on IT. If you have been curious about what has changed with SSRS in SQL Server 2016 and you want to be ahead of the curve, this is the session for you!
Basic SSRS/reporting understanding

Accompanying Material

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