Real World In-Memory OLTP 2016

Russ Thomas
Enterprise Database Administration & Deployment
In-Memory OLTP was a fascinating feature addition for performance nerds in 2014, but real world use has been somewhat low. With the release of SQL Server 2016, it might be time for a second look. An impressive list of improvements to In-Memory OLTP have changed the original release from a somewhat edge case solution to a practical consideration for an increasingly larger number of scenarios. In this demo heavy session, we will implement and benchmark three real world use cases for memory optimized objects while showcasing In-Memory OLTP features new to SQL Server 2016. Many presentations, books, and deep dives describe the internals of In-Memory OLTP objects. The focus of this course is real world implementation and best practice.
Comfort with traditional SQL storage and the transaction log. Conceptual understanding of OLTP workloads. Awareness of query optimization process.

Accompanying Material

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