Consolidated Essential Performance Health Check using PowerShell

Prakash Heda
Enterprise Database Administration & Deployment
Standardizing essential performance health check is the key in responding quickly to production issues and can cut down initial evaluation phase to 1/3rd of the time, whether you have been requested to do health check or you may want to run these due to an alert. These sets of essential checks can be the first major checkpoint for a DBA, they can look quickly on consolidated email stats first to decide if any further action is required to fix an issue or is it feasible to jump into in-depth troubleshooting. This will cut down on time and effort while responding to Production issues. First part of the email shares some key observations about SQL Server performance which can be the key to quick resolution of the issue. Rest of the email shows different set of stats regarding CPU/Disk IO/Disk Space/Memory/Network/Blocking and database performance which could lead to the slowness observed in the application. This consolidated email can be shared with technical stakeholders to give a snaps

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