Reporting Services 2016: New Features & Smart Migration Strategy

Fish Ted
BI Platform Architecture, Development & Administration
With the release of SQL Server 2016, Reporting Services is finally getting some love! In this session you will get a brief peek at some of the new features and functionality including a look at the new Report Manager interface and the new control we have over the parameter placement on screen. We will then dive into how to use a custom report, based on the ReportServer database transaction log table, to see which reports are actually being used and use that report to determine a smart strategy for which reports to migrate to a new 2016 installation. You will see how to combine this understanding of active reports with the power of linked reports to simplify your Reporting Services implementation as you convert to SQL Server 2016. The session will conclude with a look at my “Ultimate Footer”, which you can use on any version of Reporting Services, that shows report utilization, performance details, stored procedures and data sets used and discover any inline TSQL being abused.
Experience creating reports and managing a Reporting Services implementation.

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