10 Amazing Things About Power BI You Don't Know

Reza Rad
BI Information Delivery
Have you spotted a location on Power BI map without having an exact address (like earthquake location)? Have you looped through source files in your Power Query and applied custom functions on them? Have you changed your data model to help Power Q&A to respond intelligently? Have you used Power BI for real-time data analysis? Have you used Power BI and Azure Data Factory to have an end to end Azure BI solution? Have you done many other amazing things with Power BI? In this session you can expect many live demos and to be impressed by the extraordinary things you can do with Power BI. You will learn tips and tricks to empower your Power BI solution. Tips and tricks that you learn in this session helps you to make your Power BI solution more scale-able, robust, and high performance.
Familiarity with Power BI is good to have but not mandatory

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