Azure Cognitive Services - The Rise of the Machines!

60 minutes
Azure Services and Platform
With advances in computing power, advanced machine learning algorithms and globally consumable data sources the real world use cases for Cognitive Services within our everyday lives has begun to grow significantly. This fun and demo heavy session first introduces the full suite of Azure Cognitive Services API’s and discusses the approach to solution design, API deployment and consumption within the context of a set of real deployments and practical use cases. The session then deep dives into 2 of the more commonly deployed Azure Cognitive Services detailing methods available for SQL and .Net developers to code, interact, and scale the usage of the Cognitive API services to create interesting, fun and innovative solutions. At the end of this session you will have a much clearer understanding of how the suite of Azure Cognitive Services could be used within your business and the methods available by which you can start to plan, deploy and actively consume these innovative services.

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