Best practices validation with DBATools

60 minutes
DBA Track
As DBA we need to perform a lot of repetitive tasks. We also want to know the current state of our environments. What if we have a PowerShell module that help us with those tasks? That module is DBATools. Have you ever need to verify if best practices are in use? How do you do it when you have dozens if not hundreds or thousands of SQL servers? One by one? And, what if you have to apply the best practices on those SQL servers? You will also do it one by one? In this session we will see how easy, fast, precise and less error prone can be validate if a set of SQL servers is respecting the best practices and if not how we can configure them to just by using a set of commands from DBATools module. This module is one of the most popular tools among DBAs and is developed and maintained by more than 30 contributors from the community. We have PowerShell and SQL Server MVPs, DBAs, developers and QA people. If you do not know this tool or if you want to learn more this is a great oppo

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