Recovery Models Made SIMPLE

Kalen Delaney
90 minutes
DBA Track
SQL Server always logs every change to a database. But exactly what is logged can vary based on a number of factors. Some operations are referred to as "minimally logged," but even those operations can log a different level of detail depending on your recovery model. This session looks inside the transaction log to see exactly what is logged for minimally logged operations. First, we look at some background information regarding how the log is used and managed, and then we introduce a tool that can help you actually see your log records. When you can query the log, you can determine how logging for operations such as index rebuilds and SELECT INTO differs depending on whether you are using the FULL or BULK_LOGGED recovery model. We also look at other factors in our SQL Server operations that can affect what is actually written to the log. In addition, I’ll describe the benefits and caveats for each of the recovery models.
Understanding basic Transact-SQL querying, data modification, SELECT INTO and index rebuilding.

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