Wish you could live the glamorous consulting life?

Juan Soto
Professional Development
We are going to talk about a topic many will not touch at a SQL Saturday: Money. How to make it, how to get customers, how to market. Consulting is a great career choice, from the increased pay, (sometimes less), to the flexible hours, (working nights and weekends), you will work with a wide range of customers, (if you can find them), that will lead you to wonder why you didn't start earlier? (and walk away from a cushy job). I would not trade my consulting career for any other choice, I love the rewards and the freedom it provides me, but I've learned the hard way. In this session you will learn sales, marketing and management strategies to get your practice off the ground, sand traps to avoid along the way and a honest, down to earth assessment of the consulting life. An essential session for those thinking about this choice and/or those who are just starting out. Y

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