SharePoint 2016 Unbreakable with SQL Server Always On Availability Groups

Enterprise Database Administration & Deployment
SQL Server is really the brain of SharePoint; in this session, Serge and Isabelle will give you an overview of what any SharePoint consultant and DBA need to know regarding business continuity in SharePoint 2013 & 2016. Of course SQL Server plays a major role in this story; the sessions will be animated with real & live demos. Topics covered: • Concepts of business continuity • SharePoint and Business continuity • Patterns and anti-patterns • SharePoint and SQL Server Always on Availability groups : what works, what doesn’t work (demos) • Role of Azure • Lessons learned from real projects • New features in SQL Server 2016 that can help SharePoint business continuity Benefits of Attending this Session: Learn about SharePoint High Availability and Disaster Recovery with SQL Server Always On Availability Groups Learn about SharePoint Business Continuity Learn about SharePoint 2013/2016 unbreakable

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