Accelerating DevOps and TDM Using Data Virtualization

Tim Gorman
Enterprise Database Administration & Deployment
DevOps is the merger of app development, testing, and IT ops. All tasks from coding to testing to operations should be automated so new features and fixes can be continuously quickly. Test Data Management (TDM) is the optimization of the process of software quality, ensuring that applications properly work according to their specifications. Constraining both DevOps and TDM is database size. "Storage is cheap" is not merely a lie, but more to the point it takes a lot of time to push terabytes around from place to place, and time itself is expensive and dear. Providing full databases for each developer or tester on each task of each project seems unrealistic, when each copy might require terabytes of storage, so for decades everyone has limited themselves to working in shared dev/test environments that are refreshed only every few months, where conflicts occur, quality suffers, and things move slowly. Come learn why data virtualization is the solution to a problem everyone knows.

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