The Art and Science of Designing a Mission Critical SQL Server

Maxwell Myrick
60 minutes
Strategy and Architecture
When asked to design a critical database solution, too many people pick an HA feature assuming it will be the right fit for the application. This can result in a costly and disappointing design that does not meet your availability goals. This session will show you the five basic archetypes for mission critical database systems and how to select the right features from SQL Server to implement each design. Along the way, you’ll hear some best practices, tips, and real world advice for choosing between features like Availability Groups and clustered instances of SQL Server, as well as the history of some of the more interesting and less often used availability features. You will also get a glimpse of how some of the largest mission critical systems running on the Microsoft platform are created using a distributed model where redundancy replaces failover. While you may not be able to revisit your current designs right away, what you learn will improve how you approach designing systems.

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