From Analyst BI Day to Developer BI Night

Chris Voss
60 minutes
Professional Development
You are a data analyst by trade. Your SQL skills are likely used to write research queries, do quality control for the query results, and churning out reports. However, you're now concerned with loading and manipulating data in the database. You're now asked to write statements that don't start with SELECT. In short, you're becoming a SQL developer. This session will provide you with some high-level essential resources, from additional T-SQL query operators to SQL Server Data Tools and data modeling knowledge to warehousing basics, to help you navigate this uncharted territory...coming from a speaker who has been in the same position. You will come out of the session eager to use these resources to moonlight as or transition to a developer in the SQL Server space, ideally blending this developing skill set with your analyst skill set to create a well-rounded data professional!

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