Seeking the Perfect Hybrid: On-Prem Data with Reports and Dashboards in Power BI

60 minutes
BI Platform Architecture, Development & Administration
For many new Power BI implementations, initial self-service and team objectives are soon met, and the natural evolution of Power BI turns to an organizational focus. In other scenarios, the enterprise seeks to preserve its investments in "classic BI" by integrating Power BI with Analysis Services and the underlying data warehouse. In this session, Data Platform (SQL Server / BI) MVP and SSAS Maestro Bill Pearson explores the construction of organizational BI solutions, wedding the "traditional" solutions with the reporting and analysis power of Power BI. We'll focus upon the components of a "traditional" solution, up to the semantic model (with SQL Server Analysis Services as an example), and then explore paths to the implementation of an end-to-end enterprise solution that uses Power BI as the presentation layer. This session applies, in most respects, to Analysis Services 2012 and above.

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