Rapid On-Demand Creation of Dev/Test Databases with SQL Clone

Kevin Boles
60 minutes
Enterprise Database Administration & Deployment
Imagine a world where developers and testers could run production-like environments on their own workstations, created on-demand and self-serviced. Raising tickets and waiting hours or days to get operations to deliver test databases would be a thing of the past. With Redgate's new tool, SQL Clone, this world now exists. Administrators and developers can create their own database copies in SECONDS using just MEGABYTES of disk space without ever touching production. Developers can see how their application behaves in a production-scale environment during both development and troubleshooting and operations no longer needs to be involved to find disk space, provision, etc. You can quickly make a series of "throw-away" copies of a database to run a variety of scenarios against without going through the usual full backup/restore cycle repeatedly. In this session we will examine how SQL Clone uses disk virtualization to enable quick, easy and even automated creation of database copies

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