To Compress or Decompress—that is this Session

Melissa Connors
60 minutes
Application & Database Development
Data Compression has been available since SQL Server 2008 in the Enterprise Editions, but it’s now available across all editions starting in 2016 Service Pack 1 and worth checking out if you haven’t able to in the past. You know that data compression can help save on storage space, but do you know when it doesn’t? You’ve heard that it can cost additional CPU to use it, but is that always the case, and how much CPU overhead is there really? Do you know how it can improve I/O performance and enhance SQL Server memory usage? In this session I’ll take you through a real-world example and case study to illustrate the benefits and drawbacks of SQL Server Data Compression to not only show you how it works, but more importantly, when it works, and how to determine whether data will compress well, and perform well. You’ll leave this session with the information and checklists needed to figure out how to use data compression in your database.

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