Don't Let History Be a Mystery! Temporal Data in SQL Server 2016

Adam Machanic
Application & Database Development
It's been said that the only constant is change, and no truism better defines the average database workload. With data constantly shifting in form and focus, DBAs and developers find themselves fielding myriad questions about whens and whys: When did this fact get updated? Why is data quality lower than it was last week? And where did my sales figures go?!? Solutions such as Change Tracking, Change Data Capture, and hand-rolled triggers can each be leveraged to help in this scenario, but with various ugly tradeoffs. SQL Server 2016 introduces Temporal Tables, a new technology that finally gets us what we've needed all along. In this session you'll learn how to enable seamless and automatic history collection, take control of a great query experience, and build on a solid platform to help your users understand data history. By taking advantage of this fantastic feature, you'll approach your next project ready to answer all of the questions that constant change brings to the table.

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