Pick the right R - R, Microsoft R Open and Microsoft R Server

Speaker: Divya Saini

Duration: 60 minutes

Track: Advanced Analysis Techniques

After Microsoft acquired Revolution Analytics, it has released Microsoft R Open (MRO, formerly Revolution R Open) and Microsoft R Server (MRS,   formerly Revolution R Enterprise). While there is publicly available information on these, analytics community is still getting familiar with these. During the presentation, Divya will address these three questions – 
•	What do R, MRO, and MRS have in common?
•	What’s new in MRO and MRS compared with R?
•	Why should I use MRO or MRS instead of R?
In addition to this, she will also give a demo of how to get started with Microsoft R Open and Microsoft R Server. She will also demonstrate how to deploy an end to end application using SQL Server R Services and Power BI.

Accompanying Material

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