SS2014/2016 In-Memory Tables --Formula One Performance Unleashed, Part 1

Mike Byrd
60 minutes
Application & Database Development
Query performance is what it is all about. SQL Server 2014/2016 now has the new in-memory functionality that takes a completely different approach to data access and manipulation. This session will consolidate the relevant information from all these sources so the production DBA/Developer will be able to understand, create, use, maintain, and trouble-shoot in-memory table functionality. This session will also examine several demo scripts showing performance gains using the in-memory tables with and without columnstore indexes over equivalent disk based tables. This session is all about when and how to apply in-memory tables in a production environment. After this session you will 1. Understand what in-memory tables are and how to create and maintain them including their limitations 2. Be able to identify performance gains over equivalent disk back tables 3. Comprehend the new data monitoring needed for in-memory table

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