Querying Semistructured Data in Azure Data Lake with USQL

Speaker(s)Russ Loski

Duration: 60 minutes

Track: Cloud Application Development & Deployment

Data is exploding across enterprises.  Much of it is semi-structured junk.  Or is it junk?  What are you going to do with it until you can find out?  Microsoft’s Azure Data Lake is a cloud storage and analytical service for parking a variety of data.  You can query that semi-structured data using an ANSI SQL language called U-SQL.  In this session I will demonstrate the similarities and differences between U-SQL and T-SQL.  I will demonstrate how easy it is to build a query against 21 GB of CSV files. Such queries can help you determine whether you have a gold mine in your data or a bunch of garbage before investing in a full data warehouse build.

Accompanying Materials:

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