Dynamic Data Masking & Row Level Security in Azure SQL Database

John Martin
60 minutes
2 - DEV
Microsoft has introduced native capability to the database engine around masking sensitive data and restricting access at the row level. Allowing us new options for building more secure Data Platform solutions. However, it is important to understand the differences from our previous options in order to be able to gain the most benefit from these new technologies. Join me as we look in more detail at how we can engineer these features into our Data Platform solutions. Starting with identifying the problems they are trying to solve, through their core architecture and on to potential design patterns for their use. As with any security technology solution, there are a number of ways to use these features. However, as with all security features there are gaps in coverage, using them effectively in a layered approach is vital. After this session, you will be in a position to start looking at whether your systems can benefit from these features.

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