Mastering DML Operations like a master

Uwe Ricken
90 minutes
Application & Database Development
DML operations mean lot of work for the database engine of Microsoft SQL Server. Understanding the details of a DML transaction may give you great benefits when planning workloads for INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE operations. Come and learn the differences of space allocation/deallocation between Clustered Indexes and Heaps in this demo oriented session. It will answer these questions: What is the difference of data page allocation for heaps and clustered indexes? What is the amount of transaction log when you update data in a heap and/or in a clustered index? What are the differences when data are delete from a heap and clustered index? Can ETL processes be improved by usage of the right strategy for INSERTS and DELETES? What performance drawbacks have Page Splits and Forwarded Records for my application design?
The core concepts of DML-operations are required. A basic understanding of the core concepts of the storage engine is a benefit.

Accompanying Material

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