WIT: Start 'em Young - Growing Women in IT [2455]

Amy Herold
60 minutes
Professional Development
Do an internet search on "Women in Technology" and you'll find lots of articles with surveys, graphs and percentages telling you that there are not enough women in technology related fields. They'll give you just as many reasons why girls don't start in IT or women don't stay in IT. Is this true? As women in technology, are we wired differently? Was there some lightbulb moment that to put us on the path to innovate with code? Why are you in technology in the first place? From Grace Hopper to that 6th grade girl gaming with people around the globe - while technology has changed and is more accessible, what makes women pursue IT careers hasn't. With opportunities now spanning a wide array of fields and technologies, what does it take to inspire the young girls of today? In this session we will try to cut through a lot of the noise and get down to what drives young girls who grow to be women in technology, how we can encourage them, and not get in their way.

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