SQL Server Integration Services for Data Science

Reeves Smith
60 minutes
BI Information Delivery
Data science is the new buzz word in the IT community. How many times have you heard the term in recent meetings with your management or development teams? Businesses are looking to data science and advanced analytics to increase their competitive advantage. What does this mean to the Integration Services developer? ETL developers play a key role in the success of a data science project. With your overall knowledge of the data integration architecture within your enterprise, you are in an excellent position to help with the next advanced analytics project at your company. What are the additional skills needed to improve your role in the next data science project? In this presentation, we’ll discuss the data preparation and integration considerations that you will need. Some of the topics that will be covered in this session include: • Data Cleansing • Data Normalization/Discretization • Missing Values • Noisy Data • Data Reduction • Model Integration
Basic knowledge of SQL Server and a general knowledge of Data Science is suggested.

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