Programming in Power Query: An Introduction to M

Andy Parkerson
60 minutes
BI Information Delivery
While the DAX language gets all of the Power BI attention and love, its partner M is nonetheless a powerful workhorse that can be harnessed to do amazing things. We will begin by introducing ourselves to the functional language by building a calendar -- absolutely necessary for all of those lovely DAX time intelligence functions to work. From establishing the time period in question to deciding on what information we need and how we want it presented, our understanding of M will grow as we progress through this construction. We then look at what to do when the information you get is incomplete and contradictory. Cleaning up data and handling errors and missing data will be our focus in an example of combining multiple data sources into a single data set. We consider this crucial step in the ETL cycle. Our examination will conclude with a discussion of best practices, centering on coding style and deciding on when to solve a problem with M versus when to rely on DAX.

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