Fireside Chat Keynote - Deep Learning Concepts and Experiences

This special keynote and Fireside Chat featuring Vijay Narayanan and Ross Mistry will be held in the Galileo Auditorium, from 9:00 to 10:15. Data and Artificial Intelligence are the deeply woven into the fabric of our Microsoft Data products. Microsoft SQL Server 2016 is the simplest enterprise-grade scale-out deployment platform for data & AI applications. It deeply integrates Advanced Analytics and ML through Microsoft R Services and Python. Applications can move AI into the database, making it 100x faster and get unprecedented insights to actions. We will lead you through manifold examples showcasing Artificial Intelligence in SQLServer 2016 on-premise and in Azure . One of the examples we are going to talk about how we now can combine high-volume transactions with Machine Learning Predictive intelligence to perform High Speed Fraud Detection. Another example is showcasing how lung cancer detection can be done inside SQLServer using Deep Neural Networks and Python.

Accompanying Material

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