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Apr 22, 2017

Sponsorship Plan



Thank you for considering sponsorship. SQL Saturday is a one day conference that brings in over 30 outstanding speakers.  We offer breakfast, lunch, and a post-event reception, all on site.

There's a dedicated area set up for our attendees to meet with our sponsors. We work hard to make our event a great experience for everyone, especially our sponsors, who enable us to cover the expenses for this event.


We’re expecting over 650 attendees this year. At our last event in 2016, we had over 640 attendees.


How Much Does It Cost To Be a Sponsor?


Sponsorship ranges from $750 to $4,000 depending on the package you select, and there are upgrade options as well.


Sponsor Benefits





Electronic copy of the list of opted in pre-

registrants, including name, company, and email address







Two email blasts that can be sent before or after

the event. These will go to opt-in registrants. If a sponsor desires, a post-event blast can go to opt-in registrants plus raffle entrants if that list is provided to us by the sponsor.







Logo on home page of each local user group's

Meetup.com website for six months (three sites)





Option to hold a sponsor-centric session before






First choice of table selection in exhibitor area. A

map of the exhibit area will be provided for selection ahead of time. Sponsors will be asked to make their selection based on the order in which they sign up.







Logo on home page of each local user group's

Meetup.com website for three months (four sites)





Two minutes at end of day reception to promote

company and/or raffle prizes





One email blast that can be sent out before or after

the event





Inclusion of multi-page brochure, disk, or flash

drive in the event bag





Reserved spot in exhibitor area w/ table, 2 chairs





Option to donate prizes for end of day raffle event





One page flyer in the event bag





Logo placement on sponsor page of

SQLSaturday.com website





Name and Logo to be included in the official event

guide (if desired)





Prepaid Fee





We offer these upgrades for Platinum, Gold, and Silver Sponsors, with one sponsor per upgrade unless indicated otherwise:


●    Speaker Dinner - This gives the sponsoring organization a chance to connect directly with the speakers, who are influencers in the community. $2,500

●    Breakfast. $1,000

●    Lunch. $2,000

●    Post-Event Reception. $1,500


Don’t see a sponsorship plan that quite meets your needs? Contact us and we’ll see what we can work out. Payments will be accepted by DesignMind on behalf of the three local PASS Chapters, and all the money goes toward putting on this free (not for profit) event.

All items to be placed in event bags or for your sponsor table must arrive no later than April 19th, 2016. Shipments should go to:


Microsoft Technology Center, Building 1 1065 la Avenida

Mountain View, CA 94043
ATTN: Vicki Chan-SQL Saturday

All items for bags and tables must arrive between April 10th and April 19th.

Sponsors will receive detailed instructions upon sign-up, but the most important thing to remember is to write your “BAGS” or “TABLE” and your “COMPANY NAME” on every shipment.


Items received after that may not be added to event bags but will be made available to attendees on a table near registration.

All fees must be paid in advance. To register as a sponsor just visit https://www.sqlsaturday.com/621/sponsors and fill out our sponsorship registration form. We’ll email you an invoice that can be paid via credit card, check, or EFT.


The Raffle – Your Key to Success!


The biggest challenge with community events is capturing contact information for follow ups. Few attendees will have business cards, and having them hand write their info often leads to a 30% or higher loss due to inability to read what they wrote! We provide attendees with a set of pre-printed raffle tickets (see below) that will contain their name and email address in a QR code; they are then able to put these tickets into the raffle box at each sponsor table to try to win a prize. This gives you 100% readability and 0% loss! It is also more effective than any other technique we’ve seen for trying to capture contact information and that includes scanning their name badge.

Because we want you to be successful, all our sponsorship levels include the requirement that you provide a prize of at least $100 in value, and that you provide 550 full color 8-1/2 x 11 flyers that highlight the prize(s) you are providing for the raffle.  We will include the flyers in the event bags.

We provide the raffle box. We will have one table for all absentee vendors placed in the same areas with our onsite vendors. Raffle ticket collection will proceed through the end of the day. If someone from your team is present we’ll ask them to draw the winning ticket, otherwise we’ll draw the ticket. Attendees must be present to win. If there is a physical prize we’ll give it to them, otherwise we’ll forward you their contact information for you to follow up with (for license keys, etc.).

After the event we will mail absentee vendors all their raffle tickets. There may be duplicates; depending on how exciting your prize is attendees may contribute more than one ticket to your box

– but that’s a good thing, they are willing to provide you their contact information in return for the chance to win.



Here is some feedback we received from some of our recent sponsors:




“I just wanted to let you know that although I already thought your SQL Sat event was the best organized SQL Sat we’ve ever done – and we’ve done dozens – a colleague told me that it was by far the most exciting, well-attended, and best organized SQL Sat he’s ever done! He was very impressed with the entire setup, and thought the attendees were of the highest caliber. The guys came back with some wonderful leads.”



“My team is back and they said everything was great. Lots of attendees and some really good conversations. Thanks for running such a great training day!”



“Great location and awesome day!  We will definitely be sponsoring again next year!”


Event Logistics


Once you sign up as a sponsor, you will receive detailed event logistics.


Lunch will be provided to everyone who has registered. This means that your personnel need to register for the event. They can do so at https://www.sqlsaturday.com/621/register/. This will allow us to make sure we have enough food available.


Contact Us

We hope you’ll support this event! Please contact us at sqlsaturday621@sqlsaturday.com if you have any questions. Thanks!

PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING DISCLAIMER: This is an independently operated local event. The SQLSaturday logo and the website for the event have been provided to the event leader at no cost by PASS as a service to the SQL Server community. Local event leaders are not authorized by PASS to negotiate contracts, make commitments, or act on behalf of PASS in any capacity. PASS assumes no liability for issues or problems that may arise from the event at any point in time.

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